Bare 5 Health Tips: Jan 15, 2012

Maximize your digestion with these two tips…

Don’t drink with your meals
Your stomach acid works best when it’s highly concentrated and hot. Drinking too much right before or during your meal will dilute and cool off your stomach acid, making it less effective at breaking down food. Cool drinks will cool the gastric solution a bit and iced drinks even more so. As a side note, hot drinks are also known to help the body’s cilia protect against bacteria and viruses. Ideally, hot tea or something similar (coffee or even some soup) would be a nice pre dinner drink. A few ounces of water won’t do much but guzzling down iced water with your meal could negatively impact your digestion. Something to play around with and see what works for you.

Relax at mealtimes then go for a short walk
Placing an emphasis on nutrition is important not only in what you eat but how you eat. The digestive process is a parasympathetic process, meaning it is a “relaxed” body process. Stress will negatively impact the effectiveness of digestion and hinder the absorption of nutrients. The more relaxed you can be before, during and after meals, the better you will digest. It’s not always easy to be a relaxed eater but it is certainly worth making the effort. Setting the mood for food is key. Make meals an event in themselves, not something you do while trying to get other things done. The focus should be on the meal, the experience and the food. A nice way to cap off a meal is to take a short walk to aid in the digestive process. Not an exercise walk, a leisurely walk. Talk your time, enjoy being outside and let the body digest. A nice side effect for most people is that post meal walks often prevent overeating, nobody wants to go for a walk with a belly that is ready to burst.

Thanks for reading, have a great week!


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