Bare 5 Superfoods

Currently all the rage in the health world and popular media, ranging from kale to chia seeds, “Superfoods” are often revered for their magical nutritional powers. What is a “Superfood”? While there is no technical definition of superfood, in basic terms a superfood is a food or food substance loaded with nutrients, often vitamins and minerals, that packs the biggest nutritional bang for the buck. The label can really be applied to anything (protein powder, for example) but is typically used to label fruits and vegetables with high vitamin, mineral and antioxidant content. Some of the more recent and commonly discussed superfoods are kale (the latest health food darling), acai berries, blueberries, chia seeds, Swiss chard, broccoli and other exotic fruits and vegetables. All of these foods are thought to be the healthiest possible things we can eat and many are believed to an important part of our diet with the potential to heal disease and save people’s health. Needless to say, superfoods are a popular thing and get a lot of attention.

The other day I was asked what my favorite superfoods were and I answered with my somewhat vague definition of, “any nutrient dense, low toxin food that makes you feel good and you enjoy eating.”

To which the response was, “OK. But WHAT foods exactly do you mean?”

The bottom line is there no perfect list of superfoods for everyone because 1) we don’t even know what “superfood” even really means and 2) we are all unique in both biochemistry and taste preferences. This second point is what really matters. What may be super nutrient dense and great for one person’s body might not be a pleasurable food for them to eat. If they don’t like to eat it, they won’t enjoy it, it’s is not a superfood for them. Our nutritional needs and tastes are also always changing, so what may be a great food for us today might not be a great food for us a year from now. That being said, keep this individuality in mind when reading through my list of superfoods. These are my superfoods at the current moment. Hopefully you’ll get a good idea of what kind of foods I consider super and maybe it will inspire you to think about what foods nourish both your body and taste buds.

These are in no particular order of preference or frequency, these are simply the foods I find to be the most nutrient dense with the lowest amount of toxins that I enjoy eating on a regular basis.

My Superfoods

Grass Fed Butter
– Kerrygold Irish Butter is my favorite. Packed with fat soluble vitamins, delicious and versatile.

– The easiest and tastiest way to incorporate organ meats, potentially the most nutritious foods we have all but ignored in the last few decades. I get mine from US Wellness Meats.

– Simple, easy and perfect with bacon or in an omelette or hard boiled, ideal for any meal of the day. The yolks are the key here, most of the good stuff is in there.

Sweet Potatoes
– Called yams in most grocery stores, these are awesome, particularly when baked with butter and cinnamon.

Grass Fed Beef/Lamb/Bison
– The most nutrient dense of all readily available meats. Versatile and easy to get online or in many stores now.

Dark Chocolate
– Lindt 90% is my favorite for taste and ingredients. Clean and simple ingredient list.

Lettuce Blends
– Usually a combination of spinach, kale and other spring greens. Sometimes I buy prepared packages, sometimes I make my own.

Fatty Fish
– My favorites are salmon and sardines. Even canned works ok but wild caught is important with fish.

– One of my favorite snacks, once again from US Wellness Meats.

Honorable Mention
– Blackberries, blueberries, raspberries and strawberries (go organic if you can).
Grass Fed Beef Jerky
– Beef and spices only. US Wellness Meats again here for mine.
– Whole, oil, flakes or shredded.
Raw Local Honey
– Not often, but it’s a great treat.
Pastured Bacon
– Look for pigs fed an omnivore (not vegetarian) diet.

What are some of your favorite “superfoods”?

Thanks for reading, have a great superfood filled day!

P.S. Here’s the link to US Wellness Meats.


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