Thanks, Popcornopolis

Yes, I am once again saying thank you to a food product. First ice cream and now popcorn.
**Insert usual caveat claiming how I don’t think this is actually a “health food” and how I believe real food and homemade versions to be the ideal whenever possible**

Smart Snacking
Popcorn is seen by many to be a nice little snack. It certainly can be a great little treat/snack if you get good natural popcorn, pop it and flavor it yourself. But that’s usually not the case as most times people settle for a Oroville Redenbacher type version or a conveniently pre popped bag bought at the grocery store. The problem is these are not made with great ingredients and are therefore not great options for a smart snack. Step in Popcornopolis. Although they make some very sugary concoctions masquerading as popcorn that are far from smart snacks, check out their Nearly Naked version:



Non GMO popcorn, coconut oil and salt. BAM. Simple and, not surprising, delicious.

If you’re gonna do it, which most of us are from time to time, do it right. Here’s to Popcornopolis doing it right.

My father in law discovered this at Costco and you can check out their product/website here.

Thanks for reading, have a great smart snacking day!



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