Looking Forward To 2013


After saying goodbye to a great 2012 it’s time to greet the new year. That being said, I’d like to share my thoughts on things to look forward to from myself, Bare 5 and the health world in general…

What To Expect in 2013

From the Health-o-sphere:
Healthy living is only just beginning to grow.
– it’s actually about ready to explode and you will being seeing more “natural” versions of things everywhere, this is a great thing but keep an eye out for companies trying to take advantage of this trend and be smart about what you buy into.

Cholesterol understanding will continue to evolve.
– more mainstream sources and many doctors will shift their stance on cholesterol (there is so much being looked at in this realm it won’t be long before much of what we know will be flipped on its head or really thought of from a different perspective).

Fat will continue to come to the forefront.
– once the main villain in obesity and disease, fat (saturated fat in particular) will continue its recovered reputation and will soon be recognized for its awesomeness, although this will take some time.

Sugar, processed carbohydrates and processed food in general will get increasingly vilified.
– this isn’t a bad thing, but don’t be surprised if it gets taken to the extreme position that fat was just a victim of.

The gut/intestine will get more and more attention.
– every year this is true but the mainstream should start to realize how majorly important the health of our intestines and how much the gut ecology (bacteria) runs much of the show in human health.

“Paleo” will go mainstream and then likely crumble because it is too poorly defined and misunderstood.
– although it may not crumble this year you should see it become much more popular and it will be maligned by many because the common understanding of what it is is far from what most of its proponents practice and preach (it will be the new “Veganism”).

From Bare 5:
An continued exploration of “connection” – redefining our relationship with ourselves, the planet and each other.
– this is big as I think our lost connection with humanness is what truly underlies all of our problems.

Much more research into stress.
– another fascinating area of exploration for me, there is so much to learn here.

Continued evolution of the site and services available.
– I hope to streamline some things and make links and resources to real food and health promoting products more easily accessible.

Continued work on finding noteworthy research and sharing news, research and links.
– all of health interests me and I hope to keep on top of the latest and greatest.

From Yours Truly:
Finishing of some education to provide greater scope of help and service.
Some self experimentation and trying of different things.
Trying to take care of myself as best as I can.
Loving my wife and boys more every day than the last.

That’s about it from here although I’m sure 2013 will be full of things I could never have seen coming or predict. That’s the beauty of life, every day is a new adventure…

Thanks for reading, have an amazing year!


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