Nature’s Sleeping Pill


Trouble falling asleep?

Try the longest used, most trusted, powerful and reliable sleeping aid the world has to offer: sunsets.

There is a magical power set deep in the warm hues of our majestic sunsets and using them to bookend your day can send your body the signals to start producing melatonin and slow everything down in preparation for nighttime rest, recovery and repair.

More powerful than any pill on the market and it comes without side effects (unless you count not being able to stay up late to watch TV a negative) and costs nothing. Our brains are hard wired to get input from the sun and have taken cues from sunrises, high noon sunshine and sunsets for our entire existence to anchor our days, set our circadian rhythms and signal our hormone production. Without it we are on our own and the consequence to a continued disconnection often ends up in trouble falling asleep, sleepless nights, sleeping pills and groggy mornings.

The best way to avoid the Ambien? Get some bright sunshine during the day and, most importantly, watch the sun set. Take it all in, let yourself absorb those amber hues and soft changing colors slowly fading into darkness and you just might be amazed at how relaxed and ready to wind down you can be. Make it a habit and you will see how powerful and helpful nature’s sleeping pill can be.

Missed the sunset today? Here’s a real time HD video for your viewing pleasure:

Only have a few minutes? Here’s a time lapse version:

Thanks for reading, have a great sun setting day!

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