Humans have known for ages that we can learn from animals. What humans haven’t realized until just recently is just how much we have in common with animals and how that concept is opening up a new world of discovery and research in health, behavior and medicine.

A group of pioneers, led by Dr. Barbara Natterson-Horowitz have coined the term Zoobiquity to describe looking to animals and veterinarians to better understand human health. Whether its looking at “congestive heart failure in a gorilla or leukemia in a rhinoceros or breast cancer in a tiger or a lion” the connection and similarities between human and animal health is becoming more evident every day.

Here’s a story/interview with Dr. Natterson-Horowitz published on NPR that covers the concept of Zoobiquity very nicely.

‘Zoobiquity’: What Humans Can Learn From Animal Illness

For more, check out the website- Zoobiquity.com
and book,
Zoobiquity: The Astonishing Connection Bewteen Human and Animal Health, or just do an Internet search for Zoobiquity and see how much pops up.

This is an amazing area developing rapidly and I look forward to more and more evolution in the human/animal health connection. Who knows, in a few decades we might just have veterinarians that treat both pet and owner!

Thanks for reading, have a great zoobiquitous day!


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