The Bare 5 S’s For Getting In Shape


The other day my wife told me that she thought she had a good idea for a blog post. The five things you need for getting back in shape: the five S’s. She told me her list and I nodded my head in agreement. It was indeed a great breakdown. So here they are…

Getting Back in Shape: Bare 5 S’s

Plain and simple, you need to sweat. Somehow, someway, get your body heated up enough to get a sweat going.

Often overlooked, particularly by women, is strength training. No good program is complete without it and making sure to get some good strength challenges in each workout is instrumental in changing your body.

Often ignored but extremely valuable is improving and keeping your mobility. Improved circulation, posture, function and overall wellbeing all come with regular stretching.

The source of life on this planet is almost a necessity for restoring energy and vitality to the human body. Getting regular sunshine (hopefully on a daily basis) helps center the body and optimize circadian rhythms and hormones which are critical for optimal health and weight regulation.

Ok, you have my attention! Sex is another thing we overlook in the realm of getting back in shape. No other experience connects you to being a viable human like physical intimacy. Not only that, it can be great exercise! Don’t underestimate the value of this most primal movement pattern.

There they are, the 5 S’s of reshaping your body.

Well done, my dear, well done.

Thanks for reading, have a great day!


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