Controlling Our Environment


Thought-tober: Controlling Our Environment

Humans have had an incredibly diverse experience as a species. Despite all the differences in regions, heritage and seasonality humans have had one consistent theme throughout our history: we experienced, responded to, adapted to and lived in harmony with the environment. Now we create and controll our environment which is, for all intents and purposes, the opposite of what we have done for our entire existence and what every other being on this planet does.

We have traveled this journey from being at the mercy of our environment to being in harmony with our environment to creating and controlling our environment. We marvel at everything we have done and consider ourselves at the peak of advance and evolution. Food, temperature, light, sleep, movement, germs and nearly everything else you can think of we experience on a daily basis we now control. Think about how amazing yet polar opposite that is to both our ancestry and other animals (including some humans) across the globe.

The question that remains is are we benefiting from this evolution?

Have we gone too far too quickly?

Could it be possible that the more we create our environment the more we destroy our health?

Have we really created a more successful human experience in all definitions of the word?

If we have and continue to improve our species, how do we know this current path will continue to improve us?

If not, how do we find the sweet spot between harmonious and uber-controlled?

Thanks for thinking, have a great day!


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