Life Extension??


Thought-tober: Pursuing Longevity

One of the biggest realms in the world of health and health research is dedicated to figuring how to extend the human lifespan. Billions of dollars and hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of hours are being spent trying to crack the aging code. There have been some really big breakthroughs and it would appear we are getting closer every year to being able to extend life 5,10,20 and potentially 50+ years. It’s utterly amazing the things people are thinking about, looking into and pursuing.

Although incredibly fascinating and intriguing, I can’t help but wonder some really foundational questions…

How long do we really want to live? Is 70-80 years not enough? Is this world designed for immortal humans? Or even long, long living humans? How about lots and lots of long, long living humans?

These long lived people are mostly going to be from developed countries. Is this a good thing that you have developed nations living longer while undeveloped nations live shorter?

We are already massively overpopulated (and growing), how are we going to support people living longer?

I am a tremendous advocate of pursuing a healthier life while you’re alive. If you live longer as a result, makes sense to me. But if we live longer without living healthier, is a longer life spent sick and degrading even worth it?

Some people live a long time naturally (shout out to my Grandma!) and that’s normal. Is it a smart thing to scientifically alter aging? So many things get worse when we play God, what are the unintended consequences of creating, forcing and living longer lives?

Thanks for thinking, have a great day!


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