The Little Things


Thought-tober: Good Energy

I was talking this morning with a client about how we both like to clean up the often messy self serve bar at Starbucks. It was quickly concluded that we do that for two reasons: 1) we can be a bit compulsive at times and 2) we like to try to do little things that make people’s days a little bit better. By spending a few seconds cleaning up we can do something positive that hopefully spills into someone else’s life. The difference for the employee who has to clean up might be small but it also could be a nice little pick me up when they’re expecting to have to clean up after messy, overly hurried coffee drinkers. Call it karma, paying it forward or just trying to be a nice human being, a world full of people doing the little things, often nice and unexpected, might end up being a pretty good place. In a day and age where things seem to be getting more unpleasant and dissatisfied I think we need more good things, even if they’re as tiny as holding the door for someone, saying please and thank you or letting a mom of three go ahead of you at the grocery store.

What other kinds of little things can we all do each and every day that send that bit of extra positive energy out there? Hopefully a lot if we put our mind to it.

Health and quality of life, while often dominated by the big things, is usually made possible by the little things.

Thanks for thinking, have a great day!


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