The Great Unknown


Thought-tober: Journey into the unknown.

The Edge

We all have a metaphorical edge that represents, in all aspects of our life, the end of the known and beginning of the unknown. We spend our lives in the safe, predictable and familiar space that lies before the edge. We’re used to going to the edge every once in a while but this spot- where the knowing stops and the unknown begins- is where most of us stop. Our toes inched up to the edge of the darkness but not quite past.

Every time I hear “I could never do that” or hear someone say they tried to eat better or exercise for a few days only to give up, I think of the edge.

How much of life and our journey toward health and wellness lies on that edge? Everything that borders on the uncomfortable. Most change in life happens at or past the edge.

What do we do when we get there? Do we back away? Are we content living inside the safe space where you can predict what happens? Or can we be comfortable with and have faith in what will happen when we start out into the darkness, no longer standing in the light? What’s going to be there when we journey into the unknown?

Starting a fitness quest can be an unknown.
Giving up bread for a week is an unknown.
Getting dirty is unknown.
Fasting is unknown.
Being uncomfortable in nearly any way is out there in the darkness.

Fear is unknown. Fear lies in the shadow past the illumination of your streetlight. We don’t know what exactly lies out there past the edge or how your experience will be. We do know it’s pretty hard to change if you’re not willing to journey into the unknown.

What lies at and beyond your edge that you might be able to venture up the courage to try?

You don’t have to run into the darkness. You can just inch those toes out a little bit at a time. Baby steps. Feel out life just past the edge.

Having some knowledge and a plan while challenging your edge is like carrying a flashlight. Having a support system is like holding someone’s hand while you take those steps.

After you venture into the unknown and make it known your streetlight gets brighter, illuminating a greater area, giving you more comfortable space to live in. If you don’t venture to the edge and beyond regularly (or even periodically) your streetlight loses its power and slowly but surely lights less and less space until you’re stuck standing against the pole, scared to do anything out of fear getting too close to the edge.

Thanks for thinking, have a great day!


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