Epic Snacks

Finding good snack items can be tough, particularly when you’re interested in something that’s real food based, tasty, convenient and satisfies your hunger. Most of the convenient snacks aren’t ideal on a number of levels so when you grow tired of fruit and nuts or your wife says no sardines in the house, you end up often tirelessly looking for a simple solution to the snack dilemma. Protein bars are the next stop for many people, although I’ve yet to come across a protein bar worth it’s weight in anything. Until now.

Enter Epic Bars.

I had heard about these a while back but forgot about them until a client gave me a few to try the other day. I must say I’m impressed. Unlike most protein bars, these are made with actual protein (meat, instead of protein powder) and have minimal, real food ingredients. They taste good, come in a nice variety of flavors and pack a nice little nutritional punch. Although I usually pass on things with wrappers when given a choice, these are one of the better food products I’ve seen in a while.

Here’s the Beef, Lamb and Turkey bars:

The ingredients of the lamb bar…

Lamb, currants and spices. Real food, simple and balanced. A perfect snack. They are also hearty enough to serve as a mini meal in a pinch which makes them a very valuable tool to have in your snack drawer. Check them out and see what you think. I certainly have found them to be a tasty, filling and nourishing new addition to my snack lineup.

These bars are available (along with a Bison version) from EpicBar.com or you can search the site for retailers/stores that sell them.

Thanks for reading, have a great day!


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