Wise Words

A few of the quotes I came across at Pieology the other day that resonated with me…

Simple but elegant. Observation is the key to reflection and origination. Very rarely do we need to decide and react in an instant. Taking the time to watch and observe is a valuable skill to master.
We are all in this together- although we often (and sometimes should) give our needs priority, it is in the time and energy giving to others that we and the world in general grow richer.
If there’s anything I’m trying to do it is this- teach people how to fish. Approach life and health as a young fisherman would- open minded, eager, energetic, humble and willing to learn every day. Don’t rely upon someone else to bring you health- learn from others how to find the rich waters, cast a wide net and fish for it yourself.
One of my favorite concepts: attitude is the key. When you approach life with optimism every day holds great possibilities and you’ll always feel as if things will work out.
Chasing happiness is like trying to catch a chicken- it’s almost impossible to catch, you’ll wear yourself out doing it and if you do actually get it then you have to decide what to do with it. Be happy to live among the chickens and they will come to you.

Thanks for reading, have a great day!


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