You Are What You Eat, Literally


Many people have heard and repeated this phrase but don’t really think about how true it actually is. Not in the sense of “eating fat makes you fat” as often claimed but in how the food you eat literally becomes part of you, every single cell, from your fat lined brain cells to the protein fibers in your muscles to the sugar molecules in your liver to the bone matrices in your leg to the hormones floating through your blood. Our bodies are built, repaired and recycled from building blocks that we eat and break down through digestion. Some of the food we eat gets used as energy and some gets used as structure for building and rebuilding our body. Every cell in our body turns over from hourly/daily (blood, intestine cells) to weekly/monthly (skin, muscle) to even yearly/decade (organ, nerve, brain cells). Every time a cell renews it needs building blocks to do so. Those materials come from what we eat. Eat high quality food and you’ll rebuild with high quality materials. Eat low quality food and you’ll be rebuilding your body with low quality materials.

Personally, I would rather my brain cells be coated with simple, natural butter or avocado fats than the industrial, chemical fats from a bottle of vegetable oil. I would rather my muscles be made of fresh, clean amino acids from healthy plants and animals than proteins that were inhumanly raised and/or chemically enhanced or engineered by some food company. I would also rather my building blocks be clean and not tainted with chemicals, dyes and other numerous artificial substances. To me, providing good quality materials for my body is one of the best ways to stay a healthy and well functioning human all the way down to a cellular level.

Of course, a meal or two here or there of poor food won’t make much difference but the more regularly you consume low quality materials the more low quality substances your body and it’s cells will actually, literally, be made of. Just something to consider as you decide the kinds of food you eat, particularly on a regular basis. It’s not the end of the world but is probably worth some acknowledgement and attention for most of us.

Thanks for reading, have a great day!


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