A Great New Cholesterol Explanation

I’m always on the look out for things that help me explain the complexity of the human body in simple, understandable ways. I just finished watching a video that did a great job at discussing cholesterol and includes very easy to follow graphics and story line.

The presenter of the video is Dave Feldman, whom I’ve referenced before as someone thinking about the cholesterol problem in a different way. His analogy is similar to my Venetian Handyman parallel but adds a little more direct data and has helpful graphics and pictures that really make the story accessible. It’s a little under 30 minutes long but does a great job at simplifying the concept of LDLs and raising some interesting questions that still need to be answered.

I highly encourage you to watch it which is why I didn’t do a written recap since I can’t replicate the feel, graphics and data of the video and I wouldn’t be able to get all the information across that’s presented pretty simply in this talk.

As always, this is one persons collection of thoughts and mild data but it does open up some very interesting discussion. He is basing most of his research on low carb high fat dietary practices and followers but my thought is that it’s definitely pointed in the right direction.

Take a watch and let me know what you think.

Thanks for reading, have a great day!


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