Thanks, Keebler


Ok, now I know this is probably due to a little sleep deprivation but, yes, I have decided to thank the Keebler elves. Those little guys have listened to the public push for more real food based, fewer ingredient products and made a line of simple cookies called Simply Made. I was picking up pictures at the local drug store and just happen to look at what was on the shelf as I walked down the aisle and these caught my eye as different. Toward the bottom of the shelf but visible were two boxes of cookies I had never seen before. Keebler Simply Made Butter cookies and Chocolate Chip cookies. Intrigued, I took a closer look and was pleasantly surprised…
Flour, butter & sugar with a couple extra components, all of which you could probably find in your own kitchen. Not bad at all, Keebler.

Once again, as all the things in the “Thanks…” series, these cookies are not a health food but simply a step in the right direction. Coming from the largest cookie and cracker company in the U.S. (and its parent company Kellogg), I’m happy to see it. This is a minor part of what they do and it certainly won’t replace Fudge Striped cookies but it’s nice to see. Hopefully, it’s a sign of the increasing trend toward simpler, more old fashioned food but even if it doesn’t last I’m happy that someone out there is making an effort. Of course, it would be better if we just made our own butter cookies at home but in the meantime I’ll say thanks to Keebler for giving us a simpler option to choose when we shop for treats.

Thanks for reading, have a great day!


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