After getting your basic supermovements covered (Nourish Your Body And Start Moving Better) you can move into SuperMovements. Just like kale, blueberries, kelp, eggs and liver, these are the things that make your body happy, nourish from the inside and help reconnect us to human vitality.

Building off the basics of belly breathing, being barefoot, sitting on the floor, squatting on the toilet and driving your arms back when you walk, these are a bit more involved than the movement behaviors or habits but still are basic, integrated and holistic in nature and should be an important part of daily life.


Although not necessarily foundational behavioral changes like the basic supermovements, these second level nourishments should be done whenever you get a chance and they will help change your ability to move well.

– Take the stairs and go two steps at a time.
– Squat deep.
– Hang from things and swing from things (both two arms and single armed).
– Crawl (on hands and knees and hands and toes).
– Climb things (trees are perfect for this).
– Carry things (kids are great for this).
– Play tag (kids are great for this).
– Wrestle (anyone’s great for this).

Simple but human movements that nourish the body. SuperMovements. There are many more but these are a great place to start.

Thanks for reading, have a great day!

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