Kale, blueberries, salmon, acai, quinoa, liver, avocado. These “superfoods” are highly praised for their nutritional value and density. Including some or all in your diet is a sure fire way to be healthy.

How about their movement counterparts?

Fresh off the discussion of nutritious movement, I present some super “moves” that we can incorporate into our regular practice that enrich and fuel our bodies similar to superfoods. A while back we covered some SuperMovements but now we get deeper into some move tasty maneuvers.


The definition of a supermove lies in its movetrient density which answered through a few simple questions. Does it include multiple macro movements (strength, flexibility, cardio, balance) and multiple micro movements (muscles, joints, directions, pressures)? Can you get its organic version (outside and bodyweight based)? Is there a variety of species (multiple variations of it)?

Although there are countless great movements, exercises and workouts, just as there are countless healthy foods for all kinds of different people, I’d like to start with a few of my favorites today and maybe expand later down the road a bit.

Some of these are very novice friendly, others are for the more intermediate to advanced palate. You’ll notice several versions of each so try some or all. As with superfoods tastes and tolerances may vary.


One of the best movement equivalents to “veggies” out there. The more diverse the elevation and terrain the nutritious it is for your body. Add a little climbing for even more nutrition.


Think jumping rope, jumping jacks and trampoline. Great full body work that challenges many different systems and body parts.

Marching & Skipping

Just like an old food that we rediscovered for its tremendous value, marching and skipping are back. A ton of movetrients mixed with fun & nostalgia.

Spinning Side Lunges

One of my favorite moves. Good strength, stretch, and strain with some great balance and coordination challenge.

Power Pull & Twist

Typically done with a TRX band but can use anything to hang onto. Gets the whole body moving in multiple planes.

Windmill/Tumbleweed Push-ups 

A challenging but very nutritious movement. Usually need a more developed taste for supermoves to really enjoy this but once you do it’s a great exercise.

Lunge to Push-up

One of those moves that sneaks up on you. It seems relatively simple but after you do about 10 repetitions you see how movetrient dense it really is.

Leg Swinging

Another sneaky good family of movement that gets some movetrients involved that many of us lack. It’s tricky but you can start slow and work your 


A simple but very good thing for the body is hanging. Maybe it’s equivalent to liver but hardly anyone does this anymore. Not only does it challenge so many important parts of the body but you can vary it in countless ways. Get a grip on this supermove.

So there’s a few of my favorite SuperMoves. Use them as individual snacks or put them together to make some great movetritious meals.

What are some of your favorite SuperMoves? I’m always looking to expand my movement cuisine…

Thanks for reading, have a great day!

P.S. Here’s all the SuperMoves in one video:


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