Fun February Facts: Feb 12th is a busy day in history, starting with the birth of two incredibly influential people on the same day in 1809, Abraham Lincoln and Charles Darwin. It also marked the founding of Santiago, Chile in 1541 by Pedro de Valdivia, the founding of Georgia as the 13th colony and the city of Savannah in 1733 by Englishman James Oglethorpe, the founding of the NAACP in 1909, the beginning of construction on the St. Louis Gateway Arch in 1963 and the U.S. Senate’s acquittal of President Bill Clinton in his impeachment trial in 1999.

Ok, on to sardines…

Those who know me well are aware of my fondness of sardines. A few years ago I would have cringed at the thought of most seafood much less eating a whole fish out of a can. Now it’s one of my favorite snacks/meals. They’re simple, convenient, pretty cheap, very nutritious and the easiest way for me to get more seafood into my diet. I enjoy them plain, on top of crackers/chips or with a little hot sauce and/or mustard. One of my favorite ways is a bit of a combo: add some spices, mash them up like you would canned tuna and then use as a dip for a simple chip or cracker.

Here’s a little video of what I mean…

My Sardine Guidelines

In general, I look for these things in my sardines (or other canned fish)…

– Packed in olive oil or water (not soybean, cottonseed or other industrial oils)
– No added salt or low salt
– Bones and skin included
– Wild caught and sustainable

My favorites are Brunswick, Wild Planet and Matiz Espana.

Just as a fun little tribute to today’s subject, that’s basically all I ate today. Water and coffee to drink and sardines and berries to eat.

*Update- added oysters at the end of the day because I saw that Abraham Lincoln had them at his second Inaugural Dinner.

The Day of Sardines

Bare 5 Coffee
Sardines with brown mustard
Mustard seed
Oysters with hot sauce
Red pepper

15 ingredients today, only about 1500 calories so I’ll probably eat a bit more tomorrow to make up for it. All in all not a bad little day.

If you have any other cool ways to eat sardines let me know as I love to expand the little fish’s culinary possibilities.

Thanks for reading, have a great day!

P.S. Sardines and the salmon I mention in the video are a big part of my Brain Health 3 approach.


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