My Nike Xero Shoe Creation

Fresh off last week's shoe update, I added another version to the rotation. This was actually a molding of two existing shoes and it turned out pretty good.

The whole project started when an old pair of Nike Sparq trainers encountered a slight problem:

 I liked the feel of the shoe and I noticed the other one was also peeling so after a little bit of tugging, I was able to pretty easily remove the soles:

 This left me with almost some sock like shoes that were really comfortable:

 Unfortunately the bottoms were fabric and didn't seem durable enough to be walking around, particularly outside. I remembered that I had an extra pair of Xero Shoes (huarache sandals) that were basically just a thin rubber sole so I took out the laces, traced the outline of the Nike, trimmed them down to match the shoes and Gorilla Glued them on:

 After a couple hours I had a "new" pair of Nike Xeros:

 Now, don't go ripping off soles just yet because I have no idea how durable the bond will end up being and they're not the most fashionable but so far they feel great to wear. Incredible comfort, flexibility and lightness from the sock like casing of the Nike shoe with just a little traction and and protection.

Maybe we've stumbled upon a new collaboration…

Thanks for reading, have a great day!



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