Cholesterol & Statin Articles

The Cholesterol Myth The story of cholesterol that can help save your life

Worrying About Your Cholesterol? Don’t Post from Naturally Engineered

Have We Been Conned About Cholesterol? Article from the Daily Mail

Does High Cholesterol Cause Heart Disease? HeartScan post

High Cholesterol Does Not Cause Stroke (But Carbohydrates Might) Article from Dr. Briffa

Cholesterol and Repair Processes in Ateriosclerosis Abstract from paper challenging cholesterol theory

Dietary Lipids and Ateriosclerosis Abstract from paper reviewing dietary fat, cholesterol and arteriosclerosis
The Cholesterol Myths Synopsis by Uffe Ravnskov

The Diet-Heart Hypothesis: Stuck at the Starting Gate Review from Whole Health Source

Eggs, Carbohydrate Restriction and Blood Measures Study looking at CR and Eggs impact on certain blood measures

Low Cholesterol and Suicide Blog article from Psychology Today

Cholesterol, longevity, intelligence and health Article from Ray Peat that looks DEEP into the function of cholesterol.

Is the use of cholesterol in mortality risk algorithms in clinical guidelines valid? Ten years prospective data from the Norwegian HUNT 2 study From the Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice

Do Statins Save Lives in Essentially Healthy People? (No) Article from Dr. Briffa

Statin Effects Study Statin side effects study

Do Statins Reduce Small LDL Cholesterol? Post from Mark’s Daily Apple

The Truth About Statin Drugs Healthy Skeptic reviews statin drugs

Lipitor Thief of Memory Website detailing author’s experience with Lipitor and memory loss

Statins and ALS Like Syndrome Webpage discussing possible links

Statins and Diabetes Dr. Michael Eades review of recent research linking the two in women

Statins For Women? Not For My Patients Dr. Kelly Brogan runs down her philosophy on cholesterol and statins

Statins and all-cause mortality in high-risk primary prevention: a meta-analysis of 11 randomized controlled trials involving 65,229 participants From

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