Out With A Few Old & In With A Few New

Hey everyone- It’s been a little while and I’ll explain some of the reasons in my next post but for now it’s good to be back on Bare 5 and I hope this finds you well and enjoying the new year. 

The last post here was about 7 months ago and concerned the removal of shoes so we will stay in the same line of thought. I have amassed quite a collection of shoes over the years, most of which have been minimalist or barefoot inspired, but as with almost everything in life there comes a time when you must let things go. I have only added to my collection the last several years but I am at a point now where, in the pursuit of simplifying my life, it’s time to start subtracting. Most of the shoes I have are still in decent shape but, particularly in the case of the toe shoes, have seen some better days. It would be easy if I could simply toss out the least used and be done with it but things are complicated a bit by all the companies making minimalist shoes at record pace (and I still want to try out many of these!). Add to that the recent flash sale over at birthdayshoes.com where he sold a bunch of shoes at 75-80% off and I knew it was time to start better managing my collection. I started implementing the get one/give one philosophy with my shoes where I try to discard at least what I take in if not more, leaving me carbon neutral at worst and positive at best.

Since I hadn’t bought any new shoes for a while I knew the sale over at Birthday Shoes was my sign to get back in the game. I got 4 different shoes for a fraction of retail and they have replaced a few of my original shoes…

The four on the right are out and the four on the left are in. Goodbye to the Vibram Sprint, Classic, Speed and some over cushioned Nike running shoes and hello to Unshoes Wokova sandals, Soft Star Shoes Rambler, Vibram Speed XC and Inov-8 Bare-X Lite.

It hurt me to the core to get rid of the three Vibram shoes as they were such regular parts of my life for years but they are the most worn down of my toe shoes collection so they got chopped. I won’t really miss the Nikes other than they gave me a flashy bright shoe to wear every once in a while.

Of the new recruits, I’ve only worn them once or twice each but really like them and look forward to spending some more time with each of them. The Inov-8 shoes show the most promise so far as they just might replace the two pairs of similar built New Balance MR10v2 that I have loved and worn down over the last 3 years. 

Time will tell.

I plan to start writing again so be on the look out for more here in the not too distant future. I started with this post because it’s a great intro into the concept of out with the old and in with the new that I’d like to explore this year both from my own personal experience and health in general.

Thanks for reading, have a great day!


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