Evolutionary Biology/Anthropology Articles

The Origins & Evolution of the Western Diet Analysis of diet and origins, with health implications, glycemic and nutrient charts
Evolution, Diet and Health SB Eaton review from European Journal of Clinical Nutrition
Paleolithic Nutrition SB Eaton paper from European Journal of Clinical Nutrition
Western Diet and Diseases of Civilization Research paper by Carrera-Bastos et al
The Nutritional Characteristics of a Contemporary Diet Based Upon Paleolithic Food Groups Cordain paper from Journal of the American Nutraceutical Society
The Beneficial Effects of a Paleolithic Diet on Type 2 Diabetes and Other Risk Factors for Cardiovascular Disease Study from Journal of Diabetes Science and Technology
Agrarian diet and diseases of affluence – Do evolutionary novel dietary lectins cause leptin resistance? Study published in BioMed Central Endocrine Disorders
Paleo Diet: Neanderthal DNA Immunity Boost From Paleo Diet News


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