2012: Bare 5 Resolutions

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Happy New Year!

Nothing like the turn of the year to help reassess life and what you want to do with yourself. Whether it’s considered cliché or not, here are my Bare 5 Resolutions for 2012…

1. Take care of myself.
1a. Sleep more. This means no more 5am clients. This will be tough but it needs to happen.
1b. Fix my hormones. Adrenals need some help, as do a few others. Already started on a recovery protocol.
1c. Have more fun. A wooden bat baseball league is a step in the right direction. Just found out about a local dodgeball league as well. Oh yeah.

2. Hold a seminar.
Striving for a spring date at a local high school for a presentation on healthy eating. Just started putting the PowerPoint presentation together for that. Also have a few ideas for topics at my gym. I want to keep it simple, so I might even do a few simple Q & A sessions/seminars to get things started and see what people actually are interested in learning more about.

3. Blog more.
Simply be more active on the Bare 5 blog. I would like to focus on quicker, shorter, more practical tips and resources. The goal is to get two blog posts out a week, even if they are short and simple.

4. Open my own business.
Whether it be as a personal trainer, functional diagnostic nutritionist or both, my goal is to create my own business. I want to start helping more people and need to do it on my own terms. The first part of 2012 will be dedicated to deciding what context I am interested in, the second half will be application, the “making it happen”.

5. Enjoy my family.
Simple, necessary and rewarding. I have always tried to do this, most of the time it happens naturally and without thinking, but I would like to really focus on it this year. Not just assuming it will happen, reminding myself on a daily basis to take time each day to enjoy my family. It can be challenging to go one day a week (or sometimes two) where I don’t see my boys, and days when I barely see my wife, but I need to enjoy my family every day. They are the greatest blessing I have and they make my life complete. By taking better care of myself I am already on the path to enjoying them more.

So there it is. I am going to print my list, make two or three copies and put them in places that can help keep me reminded and focused on the things I would like to do in 2012. Life can be busy and hectic, I have found that having a few convenient reminders helps quite a bit.

So what are your resolutions for 2012???? I would love to hear from you!

Thanks for reading, let’s all have a great year!

I just went and told my boys how much I loved them, that I was thankful for them and couldn’t wait for a great 2012! We are off to a good start!


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