The Bare Elements

The new year brought the desire to give a slightly new spin on the Bare 5 Basics. These five elements are the core principles of the Bare 5 philosophy. Most simply put, these are the broad categories that I think humans need to address in the pursuit of health. I believe the human body has a natural and innate design for health, vitality and longevity. By exposing ourselves to primal, natural and evolutionary familiar conditions and stimuli we can allow the body to heal itself and maximize its performance. We are naturally designed healthy creatures. The Bare Elements are there to help facilitate a multi-faceted approach to health. More than just diet and exercise, the core components to actualizing human health.

Eat. Move. Rest. Connect. Enjoy.

The pillars are simple. There is detail to each element but the concepts are as old as humanity. Naturally designed human essentials. The Bare Elements. Eat whole, natural foods. Move the body often in natural ways. Rest with the sun, relax often. Connect with the earth and each other. Enjoy life.

The Bare Elements… a little more detailed.

Eat Naturally
1. Eat whole foods, made by nature, avoid foods made by man.
2. Strive for fresh, local, organic, pastured and seasonal food.
3. Drink water or tea.
4. Eat when you are hungry.
5. Eat until you are almost full.

Move Naturally
1. Walk everyday.
2. Lift weights, even if it’s just your body.
3. Be intense every once in a while.
4. Do some physical labor.
5. Play and dance.

Rest Naturally
1. Go to bed early.
2. Sleep in a cool, dark room.
3. Try to keep a regular sleep schedule.
4. Turn off your overhead lights at night.
5. Turn off electronics an hour before bedtime.

Connect with the Universe
1. Get outside.
2. Spend time barefoot.
3. Watch sunsets and sunrises.
4. Talk to people.
5. Have physical contact with the earth and other people.

Enjoy Life
1. Do fun things.
2. Practice gratitude and politeness.
3. Relax.
4. Take a break from responsibility every once in a while.
5. Laugh.

That’s it. Just the basics. Implement as many of these strategies as you can, even if it is one at a time, and you should feel yourself discovering your natural health shining through.

Thanks for reading, go get elemental!


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