M.P.H. – Masters in Personal Health

10,000 hours.

To become a master at your health it will take 10,000 hours. Whether that’s starting from now, a year ago or 10 years ago, you should expect to put in 10,000 hours figuring out yourself before you can consider yourself a master.

Let’s break it down. Working on yourself for…

16 hours a day it will take 625 days to get 10,000 hours. That is 1 3/4 years.
8 hours a day = 1250 days. Almost 3 1/2 years.
4 hours a day = 2500 days. Almost 7 years.
1 hour a day = 10000 days. 27 1/2 years.

Let that sink in. Think of how long it takes us to become masters at our health. I am a health fanatic, a personal trainer and health researcher and I am lucky to get 2 hours a day working on my own health. That means I’m looking at almost 14 years to get my hours in. I’ve been working at this for 3 years. So I still have 11 to go. I’ve come a long way and learned quite a bit but I’m still learning every day and will continue to learn for quite one time. That’s perfectly fine with me. Slow and steady. Learning through trial and error. Experimenting. Changing. Adapting. Learning. Evolving.

So many people are in such a hurry. Figuring yourself and body out takes time. Have patience.

Do things deeper, slower and long term.

Become a master in your health.

Thanks for reading, have a masterful day!

P.S. This post was inspired by hearing Dean Dwyer, author of Make Shi(f)t Happen talk about the work of Malcolm Gladwell, author of Outliers.


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