Some Other People’s Thoughts

I am constantly researching, reading and listening to people discuss health, wellness and nutrition. I often write down some of these people’s interesting thoughts, advice or declarations to reflect on or pass along to others. Here are some quotes I’ve jotted down the last year or so…

“Human beings are not broken by default.”
Angelo Coppola, health podcaster, Latest In Paleo

“High quality bodies demand high quality food.”
Abel James, Health researcher, Fat Burning Man

“The body never lies.”
Dr. John Diamond, Holistic Health Practitioner,

“If you don’t make time for yourself, make time for illness.”
Zoe Harcombe, Obesity researcher,

“Disease can’t live in the midst of health.”
Paul Chek, Health & Wellness Educator (Paul Chek’s Blog or The C.H.E.K. Institute)

“We could be talking to a chiropractor, a neurosurgeon or a cardiothoracic surgeon in the etiology of most of the problems all of you are dealing with is systemic inflammatory issues that are an outgrowth of evolutionary discordance. We don’t exercise enough, we don’t sleep enough, we don’t get enough vitamin d, we eat foods that are incongruent with the way our digestion works and to whatever degree we can move people down a road that fixes those issues they’re going to dramatically improve.”
Robb Wolf, Health researcher,

“What you have been avoiding (carbs, meat) may be what cures you. Just don’t overcorrect.”
Matt Stone, Health researcher, 180 Degree Health

“Optimal physical mental and social wellbeing and not merely the absence of disease.”
Definition of “health” from Dorlands Medical Dictionary

“The average person creates the landscape our children will inherit three times a day by the way we eat.”
Joel Salatin, farmer, owner and operator of Polyface Farms

“The problem is engineered food. Don’t look at macronutrients, look at ingredients.”
Stephen Guyenet, Ph.D., Obesity and health researcher, Whole Health Source

“If you want to look like an athlete you need to move like an athlete.”
Raphael Ruiz, Performance Coach, 1441

“There are no paradoxes in biology. They exist only when we are confused about our supposed ‘knowledge’ or ‘belief’.”

Thanks for reading, have a great day!


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