Some Miscellaneous Resources

Here are just a few resources I’ve come across that you may find helpful.

Gluten Testing

Cyrex Laboratories offers the most accurate and comprehensive gluten tests currently available. Though they need to be ordered through a physician, you can ask your doctor if they would be willing to order it for you. Assay #3 is the best place to start. You can learn more by visiting their website

For more general information on gluten sensitivity and testing, including finding a practitioner to help you explore your needs, check out

Blood Sugar Testing

A Glucometer can be one of the best tools for anyone looking to maximize their health. A simple device that lets you check your blood sugar in real time. Wondering how a food affects you? Check your post meal blood glucose. You can get great insight that eliminates much of the guessing in diet. An Internet search will give you plenty of results with many options. Most people find the One Touch Ultra Mini the easiest, most economical and reliable however there are many effective models out there. A Consumer Reports review can give you much more detail if necessary.

Shower Filter

If you are interested in filtering your shower water, check out the Rainshow’r CQ 1000.


Online access to published research. I do a lot of research here… Medline and PubMed.

Artificial Light Dimmer

A big problem with the advances in technology these days are the bright lights those computers, iPads and smartphones have radiating from them. Many a brains are on alert mode at 9pm, while checking Facebook, when they should be winding down and secreting some melatonin. Check out f.lux for a really cool and simple solution.

Biofeedback and Stress Reduction

The emWave 2 is an awesome device that can help train you to control your heart rate and stress response. If you need some stress management tools in your life check it out over at Upgraded Self.

I have also been using an iPhone app called Stress Check, which lets you check your stress levels anytime. I have found this to be a nice way to check in with my arousal levels and the simple task of sitting there while you check your pulse and heart rate variability Is relaxing in and of itself.

Thanks for reading, have a great resourceful day!


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