The Rocks

Move Naturally

After discovering the amazing exercise potential of The Tree, I decided to look around my yard for some more exercise equipment. What I found did not disappoint…


The Rocks

Almost taken for granted, just like my tree, were these rocks sitting around my yard. I’ve noticed them before, moved them around here and there but yesterday was the first time I really spent some time with them. The rocks “rock” in every sense of the word. Ranging from about 15 to 100 pounds (I’m estimating), these natural weights were the perfect challenge for a number of things and gave me a full body, comprehensive workout. My imagination was the only limitation…

Challenge 1: Set up.
Assemble the seven rocks from around the yard. A great warm up and workout was just moving these things into place. From 20 feet to 100 foot transport, this was some work in and of itself.

Challenge 2: Be creative.
I had no real plan of attack, just went with the flow. I knew I wanted to balance on them and pick them up at one point but that was it. The rest was just whatever I felt like doing in the moment. A cool way to exercise.

Challenge 3: Rock it.
Just me and the rocks. Here’s pretty much everything I did…
Walk with a rock.
Balance walking. Jumping from rock to rock.
Squat on the rocks. Squat with the rocks.
Deadlift. Clean and press.
Pushups on and between.
Lunges. Split squat. Single leg squat on rock. Pistol with rock.
Get ups. Swings.
Standing twist. Russian twists.
Twisting press.
Single leg deadlift.
And a few more I think…

Challenge 4: Clean up. A nice way to wrap up and cool down.

So much fun and such a good workout. Plus it was out in the sun, barefoot and skin to rock contact.

I just might have to see what else I have around the yard…

Thanks for reading, hope your day rocks!

Here’s a few videos of me and the rocks…



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