The Choice

When people ask me about health, I give them a choice. Do they want to hear more of what people have been telling them all these years or do they want the truth?

Most people say they want the truth. Great. Just be ready for the truth to be tricky, unexpected, challenging and sometimes mind-blowing. The truth isn’t always pleasant or convenient, it doesn’t always hold your hand and whisper sweet fructose filled nothings in your ear and it usually asks you to just let go of your old beliefs and start fresh. The beauty of it all is, as they say, the truth shall set you free…

There is nothing I have found that sums it up quite as this video clip:

All I ask is for you to make the choice.

Take the blue pill: keep treading water, trying to stay afloat through the barrage of health waves, trying to figure out the ever changing dynamic of health, putting your trust in other people…

Or take the red pill: learn how to swim, work with the waves, head toward and explore a new world of truth and discovery, figure some of the madness out and finally put your health in your own hands…

It’s your choice. Whatever you choose is fine. Just make the choice.

You can guess what I chose… đŸ™‚

Thanks for reading, have a great truth seeking day!

P.S. Here is another video where someone put their own spin on the Matrix clip…

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