A couple months ago, 60 Minutes ran a special report called, Is Sugar Toxic?

It is about 15 minutes, is an interesting watch and should be worth your time. For those who just want the take away message… Yes, sugar is toxic. We aren’t sure just how toxic yet, but some researchers and health advocates are starting to think it may be one of the worst health offenders humans have ever encountered.

Here is a summary of the important points I got from the video…

Is Sugar Toxic?
Dr. Sanjay Gupta was the investigator and talked to a few experts to get to the bottom of this question…

Dr. Robert Lustig, UC San Francisco, Pediatric endocrinology and obesity researcher:
“The American lifestyle is killing us”
There is a public health crisis, we can’t deny that.
Fructose (evolutionarily) used to signal a “safe food” (fruit) meaning no toxins were present.
Fructose removed from natural state (sugar) is toxic.
Heart disease is directly linked to sugar consumption.
Sugar belongs with tobacco and alcohol.

Dr. Kimber Stanhope, UC Davis, Metabolism and nutrition researcher:
Calories from added sugar are different than from other foods.
Metabolic ward study completed, showing the immediate detriment from sugar.
Two weeks of 25% sugar was enough to create risk factors for disease.

Luis Cantley, Harvard, Cancer researcher:
Sugar drives insulin.
Insulin fuels certain cancers.
They are now working on drugs to block tumor’s access to sugar.

Eric Steiss, Oregon Research Institute, Addiction researcher:
Sugar stimulates similarly to cocaine.
Sweet taste equals a dopamine release.
Sugar could be the most addictive substance we know.
Frequent sugar consumption desensitizes you, so need more for reward signaling, like any other drug.

Sugar Industry representative:
Science is not clear.
More about calories and exercise than sugar itself.
We need a more balanced diet.

Overall, a good piece. Give it a watch and let me know what you think and what stood out to you.

A little overtime piece that wasn’t aired on the program…

Thanks for reading, have a sugar free day!