35 More Things I’m Thankful For


My 6 year old son insists we celebrate half birthdays, so on my 35 1/2 birthday, I happily continue adding to the list of things I’m thankful for. Without further adieu, 35 1/2 more of my wonderful blessings…

35 More Things I’m Thankful For

1. The Beach
2. Coffee
3. Butter
4. Smiles
5. Sunrises
6. DVR
7. Sports (all of them!)
8. Couches
9. Books
10. Playgrounds
11. Sweet Potatoes
12. Movies (especially from the 80’s!)
13. Liverwurst from US Wellness Meats
14. The show Friends
15. The show Happy Endings
16. Sunsets
17. The feel of bare feet on grass
18. Flowers
19. iPads
20. Bacon
21. Hikes with my family
22. Little kids (all of them!)
23. Trees you can climb
24. More and more food companies making better products
25. Mother Nature
26. Little League Baseball
27. People that challenge the mainstream
28. Blogs
29. Beef Jerky
30. Half birthdays
31. Good workouts
32. Fresh milk
33. The You Tube videos “People Are Awesome”
34. Yuba City oranges from my parents’ trees
35. New life: Finn Matthew Knapp
35 1/2. Sleeping through the night

Thanks for reading, have a blessed day!


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