At one of our latest Cub Scout meetings we talked about staying healthy and the boys were given a little “health chart” to fill out and keep track of their healthy behaviors for two weeks…


The first thing that came to mind: what a great idea… no matter if you’re a Cub Scout or not. Personalize a few of the rows and you have yourself a pretty simple little chart that you can work on the next two weeks and see how you do.

Drink water.
Eat a salad.
Get outside for a walk.
Talk to an old friend.
Take a 5 min break.

Here’s a sample chart:

Check each day you do something, leave it blank if you don’t. You’ll get real nice visual feedback on how you’re doing and after two weeks you can see how those goals worked. Give it a try, see how it works and good luck health charting.

Thanks for reading, have a great 2 weeks!