Keeping Healthy While Traveling


Whether for business or pleasure, traveling can often throw a kink in most people’s health plans. It really shouldn’t buy it often does. I can’t count the number of clients over the years who have traveled somewhere, leaving with the best laid plans. A few days or weeks (or even months) later they return with a bummed look and a multitude of excuses that got in the way of those plans to stay in shape.

We all know it shouldn’t be that hard to stay on track when traveling. It’s just us in a different place, we can still eat well and stay active, right? More often than not, however, it ends up being more difficult than we thought. Why? Probably for a number of reasons, all of which I ponder each time this situation unfolds.

Maybe it’s logistics, bad (or lack of) planning, not knowing what to do or just plain old bad luck. Or a combination of all of it. It’s probably different for all of us. The trick is finding out where you go wrong and what works best for you. The next question: How do we do that?

Enter Travel ‘n’ Wellness, a cool blog I just came across that’s entire focus is how to stay fit, healthy and well while traveling. It’s a neat resource that I encourage you to explore. Hopefully it will give you some nice ideas on how to stay on track with nutrition, fitness, sleep and stress while on the road. Check it out and let me know what you think.

With summer right around the corner we could all benefit from strengthening our strategic traveling wellness muscles.

Thanks for reading, have a great day!

P.S. What do I do to stay well while traveling? Pretty simple. I only make a few small trips (1-2 days) each year in which I don’t even think about it. I use those days as a break from exercise and I don’t worry about what I eat. When I take a bigger trip (2 weeks) I also keep it pretty simple. Fitness wise, the first week is dedicated to rest, recovery and enjoyment. The second week I move my body around a different way each day, whether the gym, a jog, tennis, golf, biking, paddleboarding or anything that comes around. I am active most days but don’t plan anything out, I do whatever my body and mind feel like doing.

My nutrition is calculated loseness. I eat well for every meal I can and then don’t sweat it the rest of the time. I pick out a few good indulgences (no stale cookies!) and allow life to just happen. If ice cream comes to me, so be it. The last thing I want is to stress about health on vacation. In general, I stick to my health principles regardless of my global positioning but am not rigid about them and allow some flexibility if it feels right.

Last but not least, I spend as much time outside as possible. Traveling is my best opportunity to get out of my bubble and connect with new air, ground, scenery and people.


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