The Treat Creep


Another creature to keep your eye on this holiday season is quiet and innocent on the surface but sneaky and a little devious at the core and can quickly hijack your holiday weight management plans. This unassuming force almost oozes into your life at first, under the radar and seemingly innocent. It’s something to watch out for year round but during the holiday season it’s a little more creepy and can absorb you very quickly without you even realizing it. This creature is known as the treat creep…

“Of course, it’s the holidays…”
“Everybody should splurge at a birthday party…”
“You know, I did have a long day…”
“Well, it IS the weekend…”
“Hey, it’s Flag Day…”

Next thing you know, the occasional treat has become a pretty regular occurrence. There’s a point when you’re not someone who treats themself every once in a while and you’ve become someone who eats “treats” as part of their diet and tries to make it seem like they just do it occasionally. I’m not saying we should all become dull Bobbys but treat creep is something to stay aware of.

The best way to fend off the treat creep is just keep your eyes open for it. Every few days take a look at what you’ve been eating and assess. If you run out of fingers when counting your treats then you know the creep is upon you. Take a step back and regroup. The creep starts to retreat when you notice it and stare it down. Treats don’t creep when you’ve got your eye on them.

Thanks for reading, have a great day!


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