What If Disneyland Went Clean?

Thought-tober: Potential Big Picture

After spending the day walking and eating around Disneyland I had a thought: what if there was only healthy food here? You’d have people walking around all day fueled by clean, good, whole, real food and not processed junk food. Can you imagine what that could do for people? A day of built-in, outdoor exercise that wasn’t counteracted and/or negated by sugar, salt and fat? How much better would people feel? How much less would kids flip out? And how much more patient would parents be if they did? Think of much weight would people would lose every day. Staying for a vacation? How much of a positive impact could people have on their health over a few days at the Magic Kingdom? We could literally call it the Magic Kingdom. We could actually reset physiological systems in a week of vacation.

Now, I do realize that this will never happen. Not only would this be too much too change from an infrastructure perspective but people would not want this to happen. People go to places like Disneyland partly (or mostly) for the food indulgences and I understand that. Many people wouldn’t go if there weren’t churros, soda, Mickey ice cream bars and culinary treats around every corner. But just think if there wasn’t that option. What if there was food available but not around every corner and it was clean food, simple, real and tasty? Where you could get a delicious meal that contributed to you getting healthier, while you had a great time at Disneyland (or insert theme park/water park/etc.). Just think about that.

Once again I know it won’t happen and it’s easy for me to think all this up because I don’t go to Disneyland for the food and I love simple, real whole food but nonetheless it’s a fun thought. 🙂

Would you go to a place like Disneyland or other theme park if they didn’t have treats?

Thanks for reading, have a great day!<


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