Basketball ClimberIt’s that time of year to see if the folks over at American Ninja Warrior see some potential in this 37 year old dad of 4. I had a fun time putting my video together this year, even more than last time. The kids play a bigger role this time, which they should, since they are the biggest part of my world…

I’ll keep you updated if I hear from them and if I get picked again I will need some support!

**Update: No luck this year. I ended up trying to join the walkons in Venice this year but found out that unless you’re willing to camp out for a week it’s not going to happen. I hung around a bit, met a few cool fellow ninjas and watched some of the runs. Fun times but no actual ninja runs for me. Guess the prep starts for next year! 😀👍

Thanks for reading, have a great day!

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