Everything Old Is New Again

So much in this world is cyclical. Whether it’s politics, fashion, nutrition or video games, things come around again. I’ve been consistently amazed at how much of the health advice we hear pop up are things that were already believed and practiced some time ago. 

We’ve covered several of these older concepts over the years as many of them have resurfaced as the “newest” health trend. They’re not really new, just new to many of us living in the current state of things or a new spin on something old.

One of the best things about the ebb and flow of different things is that there’s an inherent newness each time it comes back. Whether we’re experiencing it for the first time or we’ve simply forgotten about it, reconnecting with old things often seems like we are experiencing something new.

Because of this we even often pick up on things we’ve forgotten about or didn’t notice or appreciate, as we are in a different place mentally or physically from the first time we experienced it. This newness then often allows us to get more out of things than ever before. 

I’ve noticed that many of my conversations with folks lately are involving ideas or concepts that I’ve written about before but hadn’t really thought of for a while. They’ve provided me with a bunch of valuable references that I had forgotten I even had in some cases. 

All that being said, I’m going to be going back into my archives over the next couple months and reposting several of my old articles. So if you see something that sounds familiar it probably is- I’ll slightly edit here and there when necessary but most of them will be linked as they were originally written. It’s nice to see what I and “we” (aka the health world) were thinking years ago and if any of those old ideas connect with us now. 

Thanks for reading, have a great day!


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