An important part of health and a dietary consideration is alkaline/acid balance. The body works optimally in a slightly alkaline state. By living and eating naturally we will certainly promote a net alkaline state in our bodies. Eating more alkalizing than acidic foods is not the only answer but it certainly helps. As a whole, natural foods are slightly more alkalinizing while processed foods are more acidic. However the most important part of this equation is to be metabolically fit. If you are insulin resistant, overweight or inflamed, those are making you acidic more than any food can. Fixing the underlying problem should be your first action step. Eating natural foods is a great first move in that direction.

Here are a few links with information and food charts…

Alkaline/Acid By Food Type and pH Category From Trans4Mind

Alkaline/Acid Forming Foods From via

Alkaline/Acid Food Chart From The Wolfe Clinic


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