Exercise/Fitness Articles

Phys Ed: Brains and Brawn NY Times article on the exercise-intellegence connection
Exercise and the Brain Newsweek article via davidrainoshek.com
The Importance of Play, Walks and Outdoor Workouts Mark’s Daily Apple looks at why the optional stuff isn’t so optional
The Characteristics of Hunter-Gather Fitness Review of a recently published paper
Overtraining 101 Harder Better Faster Stronger looks at overtraining
Overtraining 102 (continued)
High Intensity Training Compilation of several articles
Effect of Low and High Intensity Exercise on Growth Hormone Research from UCLA Med School
High Intensity Intermittent Exercise Looks Like a Time-Efficient Way to Improve Health and Fitness Article from Dr. Briffa
Review highlights the value of exercise for the prevention of dementia and brain ageing Review from Dr. Briffa
Starting Strength Series Video lecture by Jonathan Sullivan on Vimeo


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