Health Tips: Quick List

Check out expanded discussions on all these in their separate posts…

1. Avoid sugar/sweeteners

2. Avoid industrial vegetable/seed oils

3. Avoid grains, particularly refined wheat

4. Eat whole foods

5. Get lots of movement/activity

6. Sleep- make it a priority

7. Avoid soy

8. Do some resistance training/weight lifting

9. Eat seasonal, local, organic and pastured whenever possible (SLOP)

10. Sprint! once in a while

11. Get outside

12. Digestion- don’t take it for granted

13. Play whenever you can

14. Limit grains- particularly newer and processed ones

15. Limit legumes (beans)

16. Limit dairy

17. Herbs/spices are essential

18. Fill up on healthy fats

19. Glycemic index and load can help you

20. Supplements are ok when used smartly

21. Artificial sweeteners are not the answer

22. Limit technology


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