Quick Workouts

Jump & Roll

5-10 rounds of 10 reps each:
Squat Jump
Rollouts (Ab Wheel, Chair, Paper Plates, Socks, etc.)

Quick Full Body Blast

5 min brisk walk 3.0, 10 incline

3-5 rounds of:
10 KB Pickups
10 Pushups

3-5 rounds of:
10 Body Rows
10 Overhead Press

Upper Body Blast

5 set pull-up and push-up superset:
Do max Pullups followed immediately by max decline hand release Pushups (feet on about 1 foot elevated step, go all the way down to rest upper body on ground, pick hands off floor, then put hands back down and push up), rest 2 minutes between sets, 5 sets total. Keep track of total reps for each exercise.

Lower Body Blast
Squat jump and lunge even number countdown:
20 squat jumps
20 lunges (each side)
18 squat jumps
18 lunges

2 squats
2 lunges


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