Paleo: The Bare 5 Approach

What is the Paleo/Primal Lifestyle?

Living by nature’s design in a human designed world.

The idea of the Paleo/Primal lifestyle is to live as we have genetically evolved to thrive. Take clues from our ancestors for guidance on the healthiest behaviors for our ideal genetic expression. Not necessarily to copy the Paleolithic lifestyle, but to use the principles of circumstantial environment pressure and primal habits to determine the best behaviors fit for our nature. We are still primal humans by our gene expression that have not evolved as quickly as the unnatural world we have created. Thankfully, by getting back to the basics of human nature and behavior, we can create a lifestyle that reconnects to the bare essentials of being human. Without further explanation, here is the Bare 5 Guide to living the Paleo/Primal lifestyle…

Eat natural foods…
Animal protein and fat
Tubers & Roots
Grass fed dairy
Eat foods in season
Skip a meal periodically

Move naturally…
Go barefoot
Walk and hike
Lift Heavy Things
Get sunshine

Rise around sunup
Sleep 2-3 hours after sundown
Darker is better in the bedroom
Sleep more in the colder months

With people
Talk face to face when possible
Get personal contact
Tell stories
With the earth
Get outside
Walk barefoot
Feel wind, rain, hot, cold
Get dirty

Do things you like
Have fun
Take time off
Be yourself

Take steps toward a promising future by taking a few steps back to the past.

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