So You Want to Lose Weight…

The Bare 5 Basics: Weight Loss
1. Eat Primal/Paleo/Ancestral/Natural
2. Lift Weights
3. Walk
4. Sleep
5. Get Sunshine

In my mind, this is the most simple prescription for quick, easy weight loss. Focus on covering your bases from 1 to 5, in order. You don’t have to be perfect, just get them covered. There are several details that you can focus on within these that will enhance your results, particularly the nutrition and resistance training aspects. For instance, with eating, just cutting out sugar goes a long way. Cutting out grains goes even further. Going full paleo/primal gives you the likely best and quickest return on your investment.

Similarly, with weight training, doing a few pushups, squats, and planks go a long way. Lifting weights may help you go further. Doing intense & challenging work is probably your best approach.

Walking is just that. Walk whenever and wherever you can. Walks after dinner are particularly helpful as are morning walks before you eat.

Sleep is your best friend. Do not overlook it. You burn fat and build muscle while you sleep.

Getting sunshine is vital. It helps everything work better in your body, including your metabolism and immune system. And it plain feels good.

So there you have it. A simple prescription. Make up your mind how important it is to you and go get it.


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