Keep Some Natural Perspective

  Although it is very easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of changing your lifestyle, thinking you are doing yourself and everyone and a great service, keep some perspective surrounding the whole thing. We are human, and as humans we are driven to connect with things; and ultimately (probably most powerfully) other people. Particularly when focused on helping others, it is easy to get carried away. So remember…keep things in perspective.

Most people who make positive changes in their life do so in ways that benefit both them and others around them. A few people get so excited in their new lifestyle (also often thought of as an awakening) that they strive to share the message with as many people as possible. While this can be fantastic on a number of levels, it can often be overwhelming and all-consuming. A healthy, natural life only fulfills it greatest potential when the rest of life falls into order as well. I liken the natural movement to religious rebirth. When someone finds their identity again in a religious realm, it is an all encompassing and empowering experience. For many people, myself included, delving into the “natural” human lifestyle creates very similar feelings. It is almost as if you feel a connection and an awareness that has been lacking for some of or all our your life. Your true nature has been discovered, or is in the process of being discovered, and it is a fascinating experience. Filled with pleasure, excitement, passion and energy, pursuing a lifestyle that mirrors our natural design can be life changing.

This is where it gets a little tricky. It is life changing for you, the individual, not for everyone. People have different beliefs, histories, desires, psychologies and emotions. Keep this in mind as you feverishly spread the word of your newfound awareness and beliefs. Everyone will come to find what they connect with at different points in their life. For me, it was in the last year that I “evolved ” my current belief system based on the evolution and adaptation of our ancestors. Many of my questions were answered, and the beacon that I never knew I was looking for presented itself unmistakably. Professionally, I am a personal trainer, this fell right in line with what I do nearly everyday. Personally, I interact and help family members and friends with health related things on a daily basis. In my mind, so many people could now benefit from my newly acquired awareness. What I failed to keep in perspective was that not everyone wanted to or was willing to hear my excited diatribe on living a natural life. Most were interested, some were intrigued, and a few shrugged it off as a “fad” approach. So I was forced to take a step back and evaluate things.

My question was, “How can I integrate the philosophies and principles of natural living into my modern life?” It would be nice if there was a simple answer for a complicated question such as this but there was not. Much of modern life is created by man, very little is “natural” or original to how “it used to be.” Our world has changed. Most, if not all of our daily lives are ruled and controlled by technological and industrial advances. Everyone that I interact with on a daily basis has lived a man-made life. This is an important thing to keep in mind. When you question nearly everything that we have been told and led to believe, you are asking for a cascade of dissent and doubts. You cannot threaten people without hesitation or resistance. And this is a GOOD thing. We do not want to live in a world where people continue to just do as their told. We need more people to think about what they believe to be true. If we are each living true to what we feel is right, it goes a long way in creating the harmony that most of us our looking for.

So, if you are passionate about living a natural life, go full force. But do it for yourself, not for others. Some people will come running to follow your lead, inspired and connecting to the vibe, energy and passion. Others it will never connect with. Most will see the benefits you are reaping from getting back to bare human nature and be happy for you. Some will think of you as a bit strange, while others will think it’s cool for you but not for them. Some will want to know more immediately, others might be interested later down the road. The important thing to remember is that everyone is their own person and will travel their own path. Don’t get so caught up in your path that you try to force others down the same direction. Let people be who they want to be, and we will all eventually find the path that we are meant to travel.


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