A Collection of Thoughts

Here are a few thoughts I needed to compile that I have been jotting down the past few months. A few may turn into more extensive posts, the rest will just be thoughts.

After you eat, move. If you eat carbohydrates, move for a while. If you eat sugar, move intensely. Carbohydrate should support activity level.
Walking is underrated. We have been relying upon that as most of our “exercise” for our entire history.
Carbohydrates affect everything. Removing them can turn off or improve Metabolic Syndrome.

Low fat doesn’t work. Rarely for my clients. It makes them have to exercise too much or count calories too much.

Misc thoughts from listening to several podcasts and reading several articles…

Why does health and being natural have to be a statement of protest? Have we become that disconnected?

The thing that doesn’t fit is usually the most interesting.

Where do big companies donate money? Monsanto- diabetes.
Who funds new research? Frito Lays?

Life is rhythm. The gaps make the rhythm.

Science is based on changing your belief when necessary.

Don’t complain. Contribute to the discussion.

We are all our own authorities. Not a science study or a government policy.

If you’re not losing weight the calories don’t add up. You are not creating a deficit. You body is not taking up the slack with fat. It is down regulating or hormonally altered.

What’s more sustainable? Local grass fed meat or bananas flown in from Ecuador or grains trucked in from a huge company who basically ripped off a farmer to get it?

The body doesn’t make mistakes. Who made the liver? Would He put something that could kill us in there?
Cholesterol is the footprint in the sand leading us to the problem.

**If you go against the grain prepare for splinters.

Notes from listening to Mike Boyle…
Keep looking for the best way.
Find balance between effectiveness and safety.
Don’t get hurt while training. Train to be safe while playing. Improve performance.
Nutrition comes down to what people can do.
Power is paramount.

Notes from listening to Ben Greenfield…
Replenish nutrients after exercise.
He who recovers faster, wins.
We try to reduce inflammation, why not with diet too?

Notes from Paul J. from Perfect Health Diet…
There are dangers to low carb.
We eat way more toxins than are in the environment.
The benefit of nutrients depends on your need for them.

Notes from listening to Art DeVany…
Boredom is our brain’s way of protecting us from activities that are damaging or unproductive.

Notes from Michael Pollan…
Looking at the world from other species’ points of view is a cure for the disease of human self importance.

Notes from listening to Latest In Paleo…
News is selective. We are hearing “some” news, selected by the source we are getting it from.
Do we work optimally on supplements?
Do supplements hide/mask our natural feedback or need for certain nutrients?
Should we have the same nutrients day in and day out every day of the year?
They might have effects other than what we think.
What’s our therapeutic dose?

Notes from listening to Sean Croxton…
People who eat from mother nature’s packages are not overweight and find it will be hard to overeat.
Focus on adding good food, not limiting bad food.
Focus on gaining health instead of losing weight.
Take care of the whole person.
Follow the recipe for health. Miss an ingredient and it doesn’t work.
Eat real food. Sleep. Reduce stress. Work on your relationships. Set your priorities. Control your schedule.

More coming every day…


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