Bare 5 Health Tips: Feb 3, 2012

Health tip of the week!

Have cravings? The body is trying to tell you something. Although the best solution is to address why the cravings exist, often, the only thing that matters in the moment is to not binge on bad food. Here are a few ideas to help…

Water – make sure it’s not dehydration in disguise.
Coconut (flakes, shredded, oil) – quick energy, especially for the brain.
Cocoa/Dark chocolate – stimulates serotonin production, make sure that it is not paired with too much sugar however.
Nuts – macadamias are my personal favorite.
Fruit – berries are great to have on hand, add a little heavy cream for a great treat.
Anything with fat can help, the above work best for most people.

BCAA (branched chain amino acids) – these essential amino acids digest quick and fill a protein void.
Glutamine – helps with sugar cravings, also great for repairing the intestine.
Gymnema Slyvestre – temporarily blocks the sweet taste buds sensitivity and craving for carbohydrates.
Multivitamin – nutrient deficiency often leads to cravings due to the body’s drive to replete vitamins/minerals.

Sleep more – best medicine for cravings, don’t let fatigue bring them on in the first place.
Exercise – light activity, such as going for a walk can stimulate the brain.
Get intimate – the same part of the brain controls hunger, thirst and reproduction.
Relaxation/Deep breathing – stress fuels cravings for sugar.
Challenge your brain – crossword puzzles, games or similar activities can help distract you from boredom cravings.

Also helps…
Get off grains, particularly wheat – wheat, grains and carbohydrates stimulate the desire for more.
No overhead lights at night – lamps and candles only.

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