Climbing for Gold

I came across this video several months back and was captivated by it. I happened to think about it the other day and thought it would be nice to share it with the Bare 5 family. We are bombarded with so much sugar and sweetners these days, available from every corner, convenience, restaurant and grocery store as well as coffee shops, gas stations and the vending machines in the corner of the office. Sugar is no longer difficult or time consuming to obtain and isn’t close to being the occasional treat it once was. Even today in certain parts of the world “sweet” is gold because it is so rare and packs so much energy density. If you watch this video it may make you appreciate how easily we now are able to obtain the sweets in our life and give might you pause about how readily we swallow something we certainly don’t need and most definitely didn’t have to work very hard for.

Amazing. And we can just head down to Starbucks and get a pack of honey anytime we want…

Thanks for reading, have a sweet week!


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