It All Adds Up

Rest Naturally

This is your body on inadequate rest…


Think about this: Is your body’s inbox outweighing its outbox?

More specifically: What does your lifestyle do to your body and all its systems? What do your workouts do to your body and all its systems? Are you resting enough to make up for it? Do you have enough down time to let your systems recover?

If you are always putting stress on your body without adequate rest and recovery, you will end up like the guy in the picture: overwhelmed.

Stress on the body is stress on the body.
The body needs to rest. Whether it is sleep or just some down time, humans function best when we get adequate recovery. For most of us, daily life is stressful enough. We don’t sleep enough, we are constantly under mental and emotional stress, we eat food that stresses our body and we are just plain busy.

It all adds up. It adds up internally. It adds up mentally. It adds up physically. Even positive stress (workouts) can add to it. If you are piling on daily exercise sessions to an already stressed body, chances are you are spinning your wheels at best. Worst case scenario you are breaking down from the inside out.

If you are tired- listen to your body. Rest. Whether it means getting to bed earlier, skipping a workout or just chilling out when you would normally be doing something busy or emotionally taxing – rest.

Rest and let your body recover. You are not superhuman. It will effect you now, sometime soon or even manifest in the future.

The body does well with stress. It makes us stronger. As long as we have rest. As long as we don’t pile up too much without recovery. A big workout after a few long days at the office is just as likely to be damaging as it is productive. Don’t think you are immune to this. You are human.

A bad night of sleep means you need to rest.

A big workout means you need to rest.

Being sick means you need to rest.

Having a long day means you need to rest.

Being human means you need to rest.

Do not take this lightly. Rest. If you have a few days that are filled with stress, whatever they might be, chill out and take a day or two off. It is OK and it will make you stronger.

Thanks for reading, have a restful day.

P.S. Joel Jamieson, conditioning expert, the go to trainer for combat athletes and author of 8 Weeks Out training systems and blog, puts it this way…

Listen to your body. If you’re tired it’s your body’s way of saying back off. If you overload the body with stress it will stop responding to stress… The body is calling you- pick up the damn phone.


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