Follow The Sun

Rest Naturally & Connect


The sun will guide you.

Get up when it gets up, go down when it goes down.

For thousands of years, this was the drill. Guided by the sun. Connected to the sun. Reliant on the sun. One with the sun. Then a hundred years ago, a guy named Edison forever changed the way we sleep. Although I appreciate what the light bulb has done for us, when it comes to our connection with the sun and resting naturally, it really screwed us up.


Our brains are still hard wired for natural lighting cues from the sun. Circadian rhythms guide our physiology, hormones and brain activity. When we experience natural light patterns, we sync perfectly. When we don’t, much chaos often ensues. Some researchers believe everything we have seen from a disregulated body perspective stems from the circadian disregulation we have endured from the presence of artificial light. There is probably more to it in our modern world, but I think everything in the body gets better and the human body is put in the ideal place to obtain optimal health when light cycles are naturally followed. Put another way, I don’t feel it is possible to have “optimal” health if you are not connected to and following the sun.


The simple protocol:

1. Wake up with the sun.
It doesn’t have to be perfect but get as close to it as you can. Any day you can watch the sunrise, go for it. Don’t wake up just to do it but if you get up naturally, take advantage to a great way to establish your daily light rhythm.

2. Get outside during the day
Midday is best but the main objective is to get the sunshine stimulus. The brighter the better. It only takes a few minutes but the goal is to get the brightest sunlight exposure possible each day.

3. Wind down with the sun
This doesn’t mean go to bed necessarily. Just wind down and lower the lights. Use lamps, candles, firelight or under counter lights. When you get tired, go to sleep. Keep in mind that TVs, computers, iPhones and iPads will also disrupt the brains transition into nighttime mode. If you can watch a sunset it will signify the end of the day to your brain and body and dramatically enhance your transition into rest.

Think camping. Up with the sun, out and active with the sun, wind down with the sun. Maybe a little campfire after sunset but just hanging out and relaxing. Then go to bed when tired. Sun comes up and repeat…

Thanks for reading, have a sun following day!

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